Y’all may know that I have a little flickr group called Brandographers – it’s been building up steam for a while now and there are some amazing photos in there.  You should take a look.  It’s a compilation of photos of brands, logos, products – anything commercial.  Some old, some new, professionals and amateurs – and it’s been a passion of mine for a while.

I thought I’d try a photo challenge.   Cuz I’m always good at thinking up stuff.

Each week I’ll come up with a theme or idea and you take a brand, logo, product image that fits it.  You can link a blog post where it’s located, flickr image (hey add it to the group!), photobucket – anywhere – just keep it in the theme of the week.

I’ll make the first week easy for you


Here’s mine.

cheeseburger in paradise

That is a seriously good looking drink. Margaritaville is the brand which is a total coincidence – I’m not asking for all Buffet all the time.  You might have a Coors beer or a Sorority shot glass – you getting it now?   It’s not that hard.  Just post what the phrase means to you.  And make sure a brand or logo is visible.  Just a hint of the logo showing? All cool. Post those too! I’m not picky… no really I’m not!

Add your link here!

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