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Blogher is a bit of a haze by now – well I’ve been busy enough that most of the last few weeks is a haze.

One thing I remember is visiting the Hallmark Suite – mostly because I got to see one of my favorite PR guys – Jon Gray, but also because I got to sing with my friends.

That part didn’t make it on camera because I THINK WE TERRIFIED JON A LITTLE BIT but this part did…


In the expo hall I was asked to write my special occasion on a shirt.

What do you think I picked?

Who loves Hallmark too?

Life is a Special Occasion and you can share yours with Hallmark –> http://www.hallmark.com/life.

In early 2011, Hallmark introduced a new campaign called “Life Is a Special Occasion.” This is more than a tagline — it’s a call for all of us to push the pause button on the blur of daily life, and think about the beauty of unplanned, perfectly imperfect moments shared with loved ones. Hallmark recognizes these little ‘us’ moments are what make life truly meaningful.

Living 50 is a special occasion to me.  What’s yours?


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