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My daughter Caroline is in treatment for Invisalign.  Her case was a little more difficult because of her bite issue.  The ortho was able to work with her case due to advancements in the Invisalign technology.


What are those white bumps on her teeth? 

Those are glued onto her teeth to help the Invisalign aligners move the teeth.  It helps in tough situations like hers where bite is a bit of an issue and basically grabs the teeth by the button to move to the correct position.   This photo is of her NOT wearing the aligners.


Do you see them when she smiles with the aligners in?  If you know to look for them you can see them, but honestly if you were meeting her on the street for the first time you’d never notice.

It does help her WANT to wear them because the bumps are not the most attractive.  And when she’s done with treatment they will come right off and her smile will shine.  I’ll be sure to share the after photo!

Disclosure: I’m part of the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board and my daughter is receiving free Invisalign treatment so that we could share our honest experiences.

Sharing is caring!

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