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I have 10 days starting today until I turn the big FIVE OH on the 14th… it’s creeping up on me and I think we should have some fun the next few days.

One of the perks of being 50 will be joining and USING AARP.  I’ve never been so excited for a discount in my life….STUFF I’ll get THAT YOU YOUNG KIDS DO NOT!

Hyatt Hotels apparently care because they are offering AARP members the usual 10% discount off the daily rate PLUS an extra 50% off your third night this summer.  Can  you get that? I didn’t think so…

Maybe I can use the discount to find potential Linneyville locations

Or get away and relax since moving is wearing me out and I could use a vaca…

Maybe I’ll use it to cross some items off my Life List! Yes! Let’s do that!

I get it and you don’t cuz I’M OLD AND YOU AREN’T!

Not bragging or anything, but I HAVE TO PUT A POSITIVE SPIN ON THIS SOMEHOW! 10 – 50 Countdown officially begins today!  Are you joining me?

Sharing is caring!

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