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Tomorrow morning I leave at the crackthirty of dawn to fly to Dodgeville.  My son and daughter are in charge of feeding the animals – I’m bringing them both a present.  The dogs that is …for lack of attention and possible starvation.

Kidding.  They’ll be fine *shudders*

Remember I’m shopping for 5 of you for some awesome grab bags and I was going to announce WHO today but I think I’ll wait to tell you who gets the loot until later.

The suspense is killing me so I think I’ll let it kill you too…

Maybe I’ll choose tomorrow when I get a SNEAK PEEK AT WHAT THEY HAVE AT THE SALE!

Ok, getting a LEEEETLE too happy now.  Need to save my strength for marathon shopping and mass hysteria.

If you signed up on the post leave me your mailing info on this google form so I can have everything I need when I get there.  If you didn’t sign up on the other post then get over there!! It’s a shopping festivus and you might get something cool!


Sharing is caring!

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