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Also on my lifelist is to participate in a dinosaur dig.  I remember finding fossils at Calvert Cliffs on a field trip in elementary school.  That was back in the day when you could dig in the cliffs and find the coolest stuff.  I still have a few fossils somewhere and am waiting for them to show up in the move.

I’m not sure why I’m so impressed we kept them intact all these 40 long years when they are like, oh i dunno, 20 million years old even?

So let’s go on a dig.. Now I don’t know if we have any dino bones locally here in RVA, and I don’t have time to Google it… so… we’ll just do the blog thingy again.

I’m not sure the jackhammer is the tool of choice.  I’d hate to see these beautiful bones ruined by out of control power tools!~

What would you do if you found this in your backyard!  I could start my own museum!  Might need to add that to the list! the LIFE LIST of course. In my spare time right?

Why no i haven’t weight and but I did get a new stinkin hot wardrobe!

Time to move on to the next adventure – dinosaurs are a bit too opinionated if you ask me!  I don’t look a day over 1.1 billion years do I?



We’re getting closer to the big five ooooh aren’t we?

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