Month: May 2011

That’s One Ticked Off Kitteh

  This is L’il Ding. He’s got the most personality of any cat you’d ever meet. I mean look at him.  OOOZING personality. One minute he’s perplexed… The next he’s pissed. The next he’s intrigued… The next he’s indifferent. Yeah they all kinda look the same. I can’t tell either.  I was hoping you could […] Read more…

Lands’ End Swimsuit Confidence

I’m participating in the Lands’ End Swimsuit Confidence campaign with…oh….maybe 100 of my favorite bloggers. We are posting photos of ourselves in the Lands’ End Swimsuits provided for review.  On our blogs.  And on Facebook. Some of us (meaning me)  are braver than others #justsayin… It’s all about feeling confident in your own skin. And […] Read more…

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