I was already a fan, so you didn’t have to convince me to try them.  Seeing New Balance as a sponsor of Mom 2.0 made me #squee a little.  I received a pair of shoes to participate in various activities over the weekend and they couldn’t have come at a better time.

That time being New Orleans.

Specifically that time being the streets of New Orleans.

I wore adorable low heeled thong sandals the first night as my roomie Dwan and I proceeded to get lost take the scenic tour around the city.  I mean I get lost driving out of my driveway.   So 10 blocks later, I ended up with two major mambo blisters on the bottom of one foot –  in particular between the toes where the thong shoes hit you. – long story but totally necessary…

I had planned on wearing thong sandals all weekend.  Cute shoes. Bad plan. UGH.

New Balance saved the day because I was able to wear the sneakers both to the conference and around town.

I loved the charcoal color and pink accents. I think it was luck of the draw on which pair I got, but I seemed to be super lucky that weekend.  I actually  missed the New Balance walk because I’d overdone it with the blisters and was a wimpy baby in pain, but I was able to enjoy the myself at a slooower pace because my feet were loving my shoes!  And those socks in the goodie bags? Outstanding.


I’m home with them now and you know it’s funny…those shoes seemed to be rather attached to NOLA.  They brought a little bit of the “flavah” home with them!


I guess the party’s over. But my New Balance “party on my feet” is still going on!

2 Comments on New Balance and Mom 2.0

  1. MommaDJane
    May 21, 2011 at 7:53 pm (7 years ago)

    Still love these shoes. Totally jealous. However you did miss some fun playground building action!


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