I’m always impressed by the level of craftsmanship on Etsy, and maybe you agree, the bar has been raised in the past few years~

Talent on loan from God… seriously!

I’m looking at fabulous handbags on Etsy this week and I wish I could highlight them all, but the blog is only so big.

Here are my picks:

Handmade Cowgirl Clutch in Eco Friendly Stamped Faux Leather, light brown, orange, flowers by LaLa Originals

NzLbags Handmade – Everyday Bag – Crochet Handbag Shaggy Beige by NzL Bags

Orange Poppy on Blue Clutch with Large Nickel Frame by Simply Clutch

Anyone ready to shop?  I’m crazy in love with these designers.  Check out their other products on Etsy…!

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