I had a ball visiting with friends at BlissDom and now that it’s over I have time to think back and ::: sigh ::::  It was the best BlissDom yet and I can’t believe we have to wait another year to go back…

I know I had fun because I’m sort of kind of still at BlissDom.  In my head.  I call it BlissDom Brain.  Here’s how I know…

You Know You Have BlissDom Brain When:

1. Everytime you are asked a question you stand up and look for the person with the mic.

2. You wander the halls of your house looking for the Red Lobster N.E. Lobster Rolls and Lobster Bisque and cry when it’s not ready – WHERE ARE  YOU PEOPLE?

3. You *blink blink* in hopes that your husband will mysteriously begin to look like Chris Mann. (ok, I’m divorced, I’m totally looking at the dog *blink*)

4. If he can’t look like Chris Mann (and who does really?), you hope your husband (dog) looks like the Quaker Oats Dude and fixes you a bowl of yummy oatmeal.

5. You meet your IRL bff and hand her a blog card.  She in turn rolls her eyes.  You tweet that.

Melissa Peterman

6. You place your signed poster of Melissa Peterman and Working Class on the mantle and redecorate the rest of the room around it *fan of teh robin’s egg blue.

7. You enjoyed the J&J booth so much that you begin to refer to family by their initials… “C&M get me some PB&J PLS and keep it on the DL”.

8. You throw a tantrum while snacking on your Yo-Crunch because there is NO IPAD BEING GIVEN AWAY IN YOUR DEN.

9. You turn the heat completely off in the house because you want the room the same temperature as those conference rooms! BRRR….

10. Your camera is STILL HANGING AROUND YOUR NECK… no wonder I need to CRACK it!!

Seriously the conference rocked and it’s all because of the people who attend and the sponsors who rock it!  Can’t wait until next year!

3 Comments on Signs you were having too much fun at Blissdom

  1. Linda
    February 3, 2011 at 11:15 pm (8 years ago)

    OOOHHHHHH no you di’int.. :) #bathgate #IOnlyShowered Missed you so much!!!

  2. ExtraordinaryMommy
    February 3, 2011 at 11:05 pm (8 years ago)

    You are simply too darn funny. And I missed you this year….

    #11: You are so overwhelmed by conference activities you forget to let the bathwater out. :)



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