Month: February 2011

Skippy Swirl Brownies!

I prefer brownies made from scratch.  I find brownie mixes to be too sweet and I like more of a cake texture…am I weird?  Don’t get me wrong, gooey has it’s place and time. The kids don’t agree with me tho… they like them chewey melt in your mouth gooey.  So if I’m in a […] Read more…

My Favorite Tuna Cakes

Best Tuna Cakes made with Hellmann’s Mayonnaise I grew up in Maryland and anywhere I go now the crab cakes  and seafood in general do not measure up.   Now we don’t keep crab around the house, but knowing the Maryland way, we can make some pretty awesome tuna cakes!  The kids love them and making […] Read more…

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