it seems tougher on you when your kids are disappointed, you know?

even when they act like they are not, but deep down you know they probably are.

especially when they let you know how upset or frazzled they are

even when they are grownups or almost adult, and dealing with grownup, real life, making a difference situations.

pulling on their big girl and big boy britches and moving on in the world

impressing you with all their savvy and knowledge and bravery.

they have to learn to deal with the miscommunications and passive aggressive comments, and work they don’t like with bosses that have superiority complexes and crappy management skills.

just like the real world.

and you want to fix it for them because you are the mother.

just like you fixed it for them when they were babies.

just like you fix it when it happens to you, and hey, no biggie, you can deal with it because you are an adult.

and so can they, because they are adults too.

or you hope they can.

dude, can they?

all you can do is lead by example, guide, suggest, praise and comfort and praise some more.

and love them like a mom.


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