Single serve coffee options are a great idea for people on the go.  You don’t have time in the morning for a full pot of coffee before you leave for work, so making one cup at a time makes sense.

We have used the Tassimo for a while now.  I love their coffee options.  They are the only coffee maker to carry the Starbucks brand!  I was given the T20 Model to test out, and one thing that is cool about this is it’s color changing options.

The white model has interchangeable inserts that can mix and match your kitchen or kitchen accessories.  While I wasn’t nuts about a white appliance, adding the blue inserts that we got made it a fun addition to our kitchen.

I would love the red too!  Will match that mixer that is on it’s way!
Buy the Tassimo by Bosch T20 Single Serve Coffee Brewer (Affiliate link) at

2 Comments on Tassimo T20 Coffee Maker with Color Change options!

  1. Babette Perrin
    January 14, 2011 at 8:23 pm (8 years ago)

    WOW I love it the Blue would be perfect in my kitchen …… Im in need not want :)


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