We are having a ball baking this holiday season.

Maybe having Caroline home for the extended period has us inspired to bake.  She’s a big fan of baking and in some things knows more than I do!  She didn’t learn it all from me that’s for sure!

Someone asked me on flickr how I made these cookies, and I had to search for the recipe online.   I knew we got it off Martha’s site, but she has a lot of sugar cookies on there.  I want to try a few more recipes!

thumbprint cookies

This one is great tho… and it’s nice to find a sugar cookie recipe that doesn’t run all over the pan..

All in one cookie dough…

The secret to sensational batches is an all-in-one dough. Mix it in 10 minutes, shape it, top it, and bake it. Use this dough to make pretzel cookiesicebox cookiesjam-striped cookies, and drop cookies.

Read more at Marthastewart.com: All-in-One Cookie Dough – Martha Stewart Recipes


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