Last week I had the opportunity to sit in on a blogger call with some fabulous blogging ladies and the funny, sweet and passionate actress Megyn Price who plays Audrey (the blond in the photo) on “Rules of Engagement”.  You can catch tonight’s episode on CBS! at 8:30e/7:30c

Can you tell I have a bit of a girl crush on her?

And her husband on the show is the former Puddy from Seinfled?

And did I tell you David Spade is on the show which needs no further explanation?

Do I seriously need to tell you any more?  Ok, I will anyway..

The current RoE storyline is covering a serious issue and one that may be close to many of you.  Audrey and her husband Jeff (Patrick Warburton) are dealing with infertility and surrogacy.  How does a comedy deal something like this?  There is a fine line between making light of it and finding the humor in it, presenting that in a thoughtful way.   I asked a few specific questions  about this…

ME: (I wonder) if you see surrogacy and motherhood changing your character,
or any of the very I think unique and fun relationships on the show?
MEGYN: The surrogacy issue we’ve sort of danced around. We had danced
around fertility last year which … from friends’ experience I have
known as a very heavy subject.
And somehow our writers, a couple of whom had gone through fertility issues
with their own wives, managed to find all of the humor that was possible – if
that is possible in sort of the fertility shots and the processes that you go
through, and the heartbreak along with the absurdity of it.
And I think they just took it to the next level with the surrogacy…because it really shows I
think how much a couple wants a child if they’re willing to go to all these
different lengths.
ME: I’m wondering do you think Audrey would like to be a mom blogger and
share this with the world?
MEGYN: You know, it’s tough for me. Because I think Audrey is the first character that
I’ve played who is really far away from who I am.
I have gone to mom blogging sites to say, you know, here
are relatively anonymous people giving their experiences with one child
versus multiple children. For me, that’s very important to me.   I have several friends who do blogs too.
And there’s an anonymity in it that allows total honesty.
So, for me as a human being I love that resource. And it’s also interesting to
me, you can read 50 blogs and one will pop out to you and be meaningful.
And that means something to me. But as far as Audrey goes,
I don’t know that she is in touch yet with her super squish side.
Fun to know that Megyn reads blogs!   Check out the episode tonight and let me know what you think!

I love to chat with working moms and those who have such crazy job schedules are amazing to me. Megyn’s own daughter is obviously a huge focus in her life and she hopes her daughter will learn from her experiences along the way.   Megyn comments, “I think what I’ve learned …was that the way you treat yourself is the way you ask other people to treat you. I think all the self-deprecating comments and all the self-flagellating comments can go out the window. It’s very important to be kind to yourself because you teach other people to be kind to you as well.”

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