Today is World Pneumonia Day. Not the sexiest blog topic, though we did just finish talking about rest stop toilets…soooo..

I’ve had walking pneumonia, but never the kind that puts you in the hospital. But I certainly know enough people who have been very sick with it. Has it affected your life? I want to share a few facts that you might not know…

  • Every 20 seconds a child dies from this disease.
  • It’s the #1 cause of death to children under age five, worldwide.
  • In deaths, it outranks AIDS, measles, and malaria combine!
  • It is easily preventable via vaccines and treatable via antibiotics.

Vicks and Save the Children are working together in support of the Global Coalition Against Child Pneumonia to help raise global awareness and understanding of pneumonia.

Today you can join in the cause by spreading the word. Are you on facebook or twitter? Use the hashtag #WPD help spread awareness. Take this interactive quiz

You have time to tweet today?  Make #WPD one that counts!

Vicks is bringing awareness of but is not a cure for pneumonia….

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