I live in Richmond for a reason.

We only need to wear a winter coat maybe 3 months out of the year.

I run hot and honestly don’t need to carry around another 10 pounds of heavy winter coat too.

When Lands’ End said they wanted to send me a winter coat, I will admit I had to look them up first.  I mean I really don’t wear a coat unless I have to.

These said “Light Weight” and I know that LE is all about quality.

So I tried one.

It is SO light weight that I actually have worn it when it’s been only a little cool outside.  It’s lighter than some fleeces I have … no lie.

I had a big puffy pink coat a few years ago that made me look like a bottle of Pepto and so I opted for red this time.  The Pepto coat made me feel like I was carrying another human and this red down coat…well I don’t even know I have it on.

You can read about how it’s made for -15 degrees, and all about the fiberfill, but really you just need to know it’s WARM, LIGHT, and SUPER PRETTY!!  Thank you Lands’ End!  You rock my winter!

I received a coat from Lands’ End so I could post an honest opinion.  Don’t be swayed by my Pepto analogy.  You look really good in pink…

1 Comment on She ain’t heavy, she’s a Lands’ End Coat

  1. Carole Harris
    November 23, 2010 at 10:18 pm (8 years ago)

    The coat looks good. I need a winter coat myself.


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