If you want a color e-reader, there are a few choices on the market now.   One that I have been testing out is the Literati by the Sharper Image.

Our Digital Reader gives you instant access to millions of reasonably priced and nearly 2 million free book titles from the Kobo bookstore. Extremely portable, the Literati Reader goes wherever you go, and integrates with your computer and smart phone. With the Reader device, you can turn the page, and adjust type size and the screen brightness with the touch of a button on this 7” color screen.

E-readers are the future, and with kids in college, it makes it so much easier for them to buy the books they need and be able to carry them whereever they need to.  Hopefully to study, but I’m not ruling out the beach… :)

Having tested other e-readers including the Kindle and NOOK I can share a few of the things I like.

  • The backlight makes reading at night easy.
  • There is quite a selection of free books.
  • Hooks up to your wireless internet so you can buy books or download content.
  • Great for little kids too.  Great selection of children’s full color books.
  • You can change the typeface and pages are automatically bookmarked, making reading easy.
  • Comes with it’s own cover.

Would I choose this over the Kindle or NOOK?

If I had small children perhaps.  I can see the advantages to having the children’s books available on your reader so you aren’t having them watch DVD’s all the time in the car or to keep them occupied during an outing.  No need to carry all the books with you.  Your reader has them all!

I also love that it comes with it’s own cover, saving me the expense of buying one.  My college age kids may just take better care of it.  There is a good selection of books both free and paid.

What I Might Change…

It does seem slower to get content.  And the screen seems oddly long and narrow.  Maybe I’m just being picky.  Also the page turn buttons were not as responsive, and I ended up pushing them a couple of times in some cases.  I’ve never had that problem with the Kindle or NOOK.

I trust Sharper Image for quality and I’m looking forward to working with this more.  Or letting my daughter take it back to school…who am I kidding,  it’s out of here come Christmas!  Find it at Sharper Image and other retail stores for $159.

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of The Sharper Image and received a Literati eReader to facilitate my review.

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