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This is the final Wisk experiment for the new Stain Spectrum Technology laundry detergent.

Each time I’ve been more impressed than before and this experiment was a doozy.

Doosie? Doozie?  Dooseye?

oh well.

Hopefully you don’t have to spell early in the morning.   But you do have to put on your pretty face and head out the door.  In my case that often involves  redoing the makeup since my almost 50 year old eyes aren’t what they used to be.

In this test of Wisk’s abilities we tackled “the lipgloss on the towel” stain.    Right you know that one too!?  Fortunately Wisk with Stain Spectrum Tech. is good on oil stains.  We applied a little lip gloss to a towel.

yes i kissed it what’s wrong with that…?

We applied a little Wisk to the stain and let it sit for a minute.

Then as easily as we kissed it on we rubbed the detergent into the stain under water and poof.  Gloss was gone.

{I did have to repeat once I think because I kissed it really hard!!}

Wisk comes if Five Stain-Fighting Varieties (All include Wisk Stain Spectrum Technology)

  1. Wisk Deep Clean
  2. Wisk Coldwater Power
  3. Wisk Colorsafe Bleach
  4. Wisk High Efficiency
  5. Wisk Fresh Boost

I’m now convinced it’s the  detergent for me and my family and with proper treatment of your clothes (yes you might have to spend a little time on it) Wisk has got it going on!!

Wisk and I are now bonded which has nothing to do with the fact that this post is compensated.  Thank you Wisk and One2One network for giving me the opportunity! (oh and I work for One2One but they don’t do my laundry…yet…)

Sharing is caring!

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