Month: November 2010

Heidy Says “Happy Thanksgiving!”

(Heidy) says Happy Thanksgiving and wants you to know that she is thankful for all her skype buddies! alli,amber, amy, amy, amy, angela, april, ari, audrey, barbara, caroline, casey, cassie, cheryl, chrissy, cindy, danielle, deanna, derek, dwan, erica, heather, heather, heidi (no relation), holly, jana, janine, jen, jennifer, jennifer, jo-lynne, kat, katie, keri lyn, kimba, […] Read more…

Nate Berkus: Holiday Style Tips

I had the opportunity to chat on the phone … yes the phone … the REAL phone… with Nate Berkus, the designer turned “tv personality designer”  on a blogger call last week.   He’s doing a series this week of surprise makeovers – “Nate Crate Drops” and changing the lives of families around the country.  If […] Read more…

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