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Janine and I talk every day it seems.  We often talk about our kids and what they are doing and how tough it is to keep the food healthy and the exercise programs on track.  Her kids are younger so she has more control than I do.  Mine are driving and driving THROUGH, I know.  I see the Chick-fil-a  and Starbucks.

Hence the need for FIT FAMILY CARNIVAL, each Thursday her on the blog and on hers too!

We decided to find as many helpful tips for healthy eating and lifestyle and want YOU to be a part of it!  You guys are the smart ones!

We’d love for you to link up your healthy lifestyle post from this past week, or make one now!  Don’t have a blog? Link your twitter or facebook post too.  We will be showcasing the best on our blogs each week (the following week).  Let’s all get on the right track for our families!

My tip for the week?

With Halloween coming, it’s hard to keep your kids from grabbing tons of candy and dipping into the bag for a few hundred “samples”.  Feed them a good, healthy dinner and make sure they get some protein to keep them full during their escapades!  They will be more likely to NOT eat late at night and save the goodies for the next day.

We’ll be tweeting with the hashtag #fitfamily, so share on twitter too!

Link yours here!

Sharing is caring!

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