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I hate laundry.  Anyone else feel the same lack of love?  Considering that I was in charge of all the laundry growing up, in our HUGE house of 3 I’ve been complaining a long time.  I am almost as old *shudders* as Wisk, the first liquid laundry detergent (1956) on the market.  Wisk® has been cleaning America’s laundry FOR ALMOST THE PAST 50 years. I have been hating laundry FOR ALMOST THE PAST 50 years.

Wisk® and I have so much in common.

I ruined every shirt with the “puberty sweats”  in the days before spot treaters and the days before special cleaning ingredients in detergents.  Back in the days you made a thick detergent paste to put on your underarm stains in the hopes they would come clean.  Even then Wisk packed a punch but my underarms came back swinging.

It was easier to wear a lot of white because it was easier to bleach.

I was too young in that photo to care or to sweat, but I was old enough to throw whatever food didn’t land on my clothes at the cat.   My mother is probably only smiling because she’s counting the days until I am old enough to do all the laundry.

I remember…

Now, they’ve upgraded their formula, but not their price, to tackle stains ..,your tough stains.  The formula includes Stain Spectrum™ Technology, enzymes and cleaning agents targeting the full range of stains on a molecular level for a powerful clean.

That’s sexy science speak for “gets it super clean.”

No more “ring around the collar”.  Wisk is here to tackle all stains groups.

There are hundreds of different stains but most stains fall into three major groups:

* Carbohydrates such as milk chocolate
* Proteins such as grass
* Oils such as peanut butter

The other groups of stains include:

* Bio such as blood
* Bleachable such as coffee
* Particulate such as dirt
* Synthetics such as ink

Wisk attacks them all.  Look for future laundry challenges as I take on a few of these…or make my kids do it.

And one bottle cleans 32 loads and costs around $6.   Give it a try.  Stains are a pain but don’t have to be.

Visit to learn more about the Wisk’s Stain Spectrum™ Technology and to download a $1 OFF COUPON. Also check out Wisk on Facebook if you want to dish the “dirt” on stains!

This post is sponsored and content provided by Wisk and One2One Network (where I am the O2O Network blog editor), but all opinions are my own and yes I really did hate all that laundry and I really am almost 50.  GAH.

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