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So it’s kinda been one of those weeks.

It’s been a tough mommy week.  Sad because your kids are growing up and moving away and need help and you aren’t always able to give the right help to them.  It’s still so tough when they grow up.  You can hardly believe they are taking care of themselves now!  An average day in your life just changed too with one less child to take care of.

Or did it?

You know how average days can become super fun and crazy?  Because that’s your average life..right?  I mean you still have one at home and you still have to do for her..right?  Like today on the way to the horse show…

You know it’s like a pretty average day when you wake up and realize that it’s only 6 am which is great because then you can go back to sleep only to wake up and it’s 10.

And you need to be somewhere by 10:30.


But who cares, you grab your pants and shirt….wait, did the dog pee on that shirt?  and you are realizing this after you have put it on?  ewww take it off quick…

Let’s pretend I took a shower after that because if I didn’t that’s gross…right?

Which makes it at least 10:30 but it’s really only 10:15 b/c the whole shower thing never happened.

So you grab deodorant because something’s got to hide the dog pee smell…

…or you sweating…which is worse? dunno.

You get in the car and realize there is no gas.  That’s what the light means.  You knew that yesterday but chose to “ignore”.

Ignore what?  Let’s go!  We have to get on the road.


What I wouldn’t give for a number 1 combo.


And you really don’t care because the radio is playing and you are singing…

“she’s a bad mammajamma…just as fine as she can be”

at the top of your lungs.

and you have the classic head bop going on…

you are totally cool…and late…

Ok it’s 11 now.  You are really late because the jerk in front of you at Chik Fil A had 3 orders and correct change which he got off the floor of his car at the window.

Meanwhile the phone has been ringing but you are too busy singing and eating to answer and you already know you are late so who needs a 17 year old reminding you?

“Oh hai hun.  Yes I’m almost there”… in 10 minutes but close enough right?

So you get there only 40 minutes late and are somewhat surprised that no one is ready to leave for the horse show!  What?

“Oh mom it’s ok we don’t leave for another hour, but I wanted to make sure you got here…”

Wait, that’s a mom thing….you mean I could be asleep or not wearing dog pee?

Just another day…in the life…of a busy mom…

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1 Comment on Just another day..

  1. Lauralee Hensley
    August 23, 2010 at 12:38 am (8 years ago)

    Wow, your kids totally pulled that one on you, telling you an earlier time to make sure you got there? Naughty, but smart kids you have.


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