Adding Layers in Picnik Combining Photos

This is a basic tutorial on adding different photo layers in Picnik. It’s easy to combine more than one photo making Picnik more functional in graphic design.

First pull up a photo you want to start with.

Then from the bottom row where it says “Photo Basket” open up the row to show your photo library.  Then it’s as easy and dragging the photo from the basket on top of your base photo.

Here I have Barbie and a twinkie.  Let’s add a shape.

I find the thought bubble and add that to the photo.  Then resize, flip if you need to and cover the twinkie.

If I right click on the bubble, I can “Send Backward” and the twinkie shows.  Move the objects around until you have achieved the desired effect!

Now I want a twinkie!

6 thoughts on “Adding Layers in Picnik Combining Photos”

  1. Oh you absolute star! I’ve been wondering how to get Picnik to do this since I started playing with it years ago… and here you are with the answer.

    Thank you so much.

  2. Man now I want a Twinkie too.
    Linda, you and Barbie’s power of suggestion has a strange hold on my brain cells
    and taste buds.
    You naughty girls.

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