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I am finding that as the general population struggles with new media and emerging technologies and Googlable everything, that reading on the web gets a little confusing.  Hence the need to STILL add CLICK HERE to buttons and sites.

Or so I am told.

Anyway.  You would not do that, but people who are not web savvy need guidance.

Like the dictionary.  Used to be you looked in the middle of the book for the “L” and then thumbed your way to whatever word you were looking for.  Now we have to Google or Swagbuck the word to find it in the dictionary which has been uploaded online.

But all that reading is killing our eyes.  So I am making life a little easier by adding photos to the words that matter most in our pop culture enriched lives.

To help.  Cause I’m nice like that.

Let’s start with the obvious:

Sharing is caring!

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