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I heard all the talk about big load washing machines and how wonderful they are.

Save you so much time.  Do 42 loads at once including the 10 man tent in the backyard.

I had to have one.

So when mine went on the fritz I opted for a Kenmore OVERsized washer with fancy buttons and flashing lights.  It was suggested that being on the 2nd floor I might not want a front loading machine.  And with my back I wasn’t in the mood to bend over anyway.  Plus it was purdy.

Still is.


Note to those who are in the market for a new machine.  MAKE SURE YOU CAN REACH INTO THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL.

Yes, I cannot reach the bottom.  I am hanging over the edge with my tootsies barely touching the ground.  Maybe it’s short arms.  Maybe it’s tiny toes.  Maybe my bodacious chest gets in the way as I bend over….DUNNO.

You lay on mattresses.

You sit on a couch.

For gosh darn sake please put your hand in the washer and make sure you can not only touch but grab your clothes off the bottom of the barrel.

That’s my PSA for today.

Happy Shopping!

Sharing is caring!

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