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They give you that look when you take their photo.  Ticks you off.  You just want to take their picture to remember all the good times.  Right?  You want to salvage that photo that she…..

……well she looked like this.

I know, scares me too…

So I decided to do something about it.  Besides hit delete.

I loaded it into

And went through the following adjustments.

Cropped it so I could see that gorgeous face way up close and personal. YAY!

Gave it a little HDR-ish

Let’s go full strength just for fun.

Ok, that’s getting scarier….what does radius do?

WOW.  I recognize this kid.  She lives with me most of the time. This is her I’m tired don’t bother me look.

How about a little Holga-ish.

Looking better in a weird I’m gonna smush a bug sort of way.

Boost is always a girl’s best friend and in her case seems to take away that smush a bug look.

Pink is her color tho!

Almost framable!

That was fun. I probably didn’t need that many steps to get to the cute pinky look.

But I couldn’t resist making the snark snarkier!

No bugs were smushed in the making of this photo.

Sharing is caring!

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