Had a dream last night.  I rarely ever remember them.

I was married to or dating a Beatle.

No idea which one.  Doesn’t matter to the story though I’m sure it must have been Paul.

I think it was around Revolver era.

They were playing in the mall.  I was in a car with my dad *who must have made the trek down from heaven* in his convertible *which would now be antique like me*  and we are driving back and forth and around the building to get to the right place at the mall.

Then as in most dreams I appear to be teleported because I am suddenly standing in the food court and the Beatles are sitting there waiting to play.

Our eyes meet…mine and those of the Beatle that cannot be identified but must be Paul for obvious reasons.

And my heart felt full.

Unfortunately I woke up before the song, but I would think it would have been Got to Get You Into My Life or The Taxman.  For obvious reasons.

2 Comments on I had a dream last night

  1. Lauralee Hensley
    July 30, 2010 at 6:15 pm (8 years ago)

    Beatle Paul
    first letters from each BP (subconscious BP oil spill)
    Revolver Era (shoot BP for what’ve they’ve allowed to happen)
    Dad from Heaven (it will take a miracle)
    Driving Around Trying To Find the right way in (trying to find out how to stop the spill from spreading and right way into the ocean to tap the drill head)
    Convertible (convert from dependence on oil to other forms of fuel)
    Convertible is Antique (oil is soon becoming an antique form of energy)
    Paul (concerned with the environment and knows in your eyes you are too)
    Food court (food supply may be impacted from the spill)
    Song Taxman (we are all probably going to be taxed someway to help pay for changes in oil regulation)
    Got to get you into my life (Getting a new way of thinking into the minds of the world about energy).
    Naw……That can’t possibly be it what it all meant at all……
    We need a dream expert here and not just a woman with a headache……

  2. Musings of a Housewife
    July 30, 2010 at 9:23 am (8 years ago)

    I hate waking up before the dream finishes. I’m voting for The Taxman. ;-)


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