I LURVE OXO products.  My new favorite?  My Mandoline.  Might marry it.  #justsayin

There are still a couple more weeks left in OXO’s 20th anniversary celebration.  That means you still have a shot at winning some fun OXO products!

Every Tuesday, a new photo is posted on http://www.acloserlookatoxo.com, which is a zoomed in picture of the featured Product of the Year.  Try to guess which product it is -(it’s not hard, even _I_ can do it) , and visit the site the following Monday to see if you were right! Upon the reveal, you can learn a little more about the thought that went into developing each product.

Each week there are 20 winners and you could still be one of them!

Also, be sure to check out their Facebook and Twitter pages:


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