Etón Corporation, a leading emergency preparedness company and creator of green-powered electronics, urges families to do more than cross their fingers. The American Red Cross by Etón products provide the essentials of light, information, and energy, helping families plan ahead for unexpected emergencies.

“We value our long-standing partnership with the American Red Cross and are passionate about helping families prepare for disaster”

A recent American Red Cross survey reported that 82 percent of Americans are not prepared for an emergency, despite the fact that more than half of the population has experienced at least one significant emergency that left them without power for three days or more. While 89 percent of those surveyed believe it is important to be prepared, it is clear that far fewer are ready for an emergency. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is forecasting higher storms and hurricanes than previous years.

The collection of American Red Cross emergency radios by Etón are self-powered and can be charged by four different sources including dynamo/hand crank, alkaline batteries, AC adapter or solar power. Each radio provides AM/FM radio and all seven National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weatherband channels to provide the latest emergency weather information and public alerts. In addition, the emergency radios have an integrated LED flashlight and a USB port for charging cell phones via hand-crank.

The American Red Cross line by Etón also includes several compact preparedness devices – the Blackout Buddy, ClipRay and Aluminator Flashlight Series. The Blackout Buddy emergency LED flashlight plugs into and charges from a wall socket, doubling as a nightlight while charging. When the power fails, the light engages, making it easy to locate and use in any situation. The ClipRay LED flashlight features a hand-crank and USB cell phone charger, plus a carabiner clip for hands-free convenience. The line is rounded out by the Aluminator Flashlight Series, which are constructed from high-grade aluminum, splash-proof and produce up to 120 lumens of light from the CREE LEDs.

“We value our long-standing partnership with the American Red Cross and are passionate about helping families prepare for disaster,” says John Smith, Vice President and Chief of Staff at Etón Corporation. “We are proud to be supporting the mission of the American Red Cross and, through our joint efforts, look to help American families become better prepared for unexpected emergencies.”

The American Red Cross products by Etón are available now at select retailers and Etón Corporation contributes a portion of every unit sold to support the general mission of the American Red Cross.

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