The teens think they are so smart.  And they think they have it over me in many ways.

It wasn’t enough that they got to enjoy all the ConAgra coupons and Orville popcorn while I was at Blissdom.  But as soon as I opened my suitcase, they were all over the Hershey’s Bliss.

Maggie called the white chocolate

Derek was ok with the milk.

Then they switched.

And switched again.

Next thing I know it’s all gone.  Within 3 days, no sign of the Bliss.

I was accepting and even understanding.   I’m a woman who gets it.  We need our chocolate.  And I’m willing to sacrifice for my kids I love them that much I really do you know?

Then I just happened to be taking random photos of the kitchen…you do that too?

Something glistened out of the corner of my eye.   Something kind of purple and sparkly.

I recognized a faint scent of …what is it?  Let’s move closer…

Yes, it’s definitely purple and a little brown and the scent is becoming more defined…why it’s smells heavenly and beautiful…is it angels?  or flowers?  or angels with flowers?

Let’s get a little closer….

I’m on my tippy toes right now…UUUGGHHH stretch

WT?  Who put that up there, obviously NOT my sweet teens.

Oh my, somebody’s going to pay for this.  And I have a feeling their names are Bonny and Clyde.  Or Maggie and Derek, but you get the meaning….

You hide the Bliss, you mess with Mama…Not cool!

I’m now curious about those missing jelly beans from last Easter…I wonder….

8 Comments on Their Dirty Little Secret UNCOVERED

  1. Janine (@twincident)
    February 16, 2010 at 10:54 pm (9 years ago)

    hilarious! that is exactly the kind of thing I do in my own kitchen to keep my husband from eating all the candy/cookies/crackers (he’s a carb guy) you name it.

  2. Malia
    February 16, 2010 at 10:01 pm (9 years ago)

    That is so wrong! Glad you found them. I think you should sit and eat the chocolate right in front of them and just savor the bliss all yourself!
    .-= Malia´s last blog ..Finding Bliss =-.


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