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We received a set of L’il Jamz Monster DJ earbuds to review.  They are a good quality headphone, and to really put them to the test, I gave them to my 16 year old daughter so she could give me her expert opinion.

I know! I have experts in the house, and they have OPINIONS, how lucky I am (shoot me now).

I decided to interview her and get her response.

Me:  How do you like the new L’il Jamz Earbuds?

Marg: * kissy sounds* I like ’em.

ME: What do you like about them?

Marg:  Well it’s like when they are in it blocks the sound around you out and you can like feel the base pumping and they are really comfortable.

Me: Would you recommend them to you friends?

Marg: Yes, especially someone who travels on planes a lot.

Me:  Do you have a lot of friends who travel on planes?

Marg: No, I don’t have many friends at all.

Me: Thats sad -wait, you do have tons of friends.

Marg: Kinda *snickers*

Me: OK, you are just being silly.

… thanks, so you really like these?  Can I have them back now?


Me: OK, so we have our post.

Marg: COOL

A couple of other things that I noticed before I “gave” them up.  The sound is different, and not like wearing headphones.  It’s as if you are HEARING the music.  The buds are small enough and don’t hurt your ears LIKE EVERY OTHER PAIR I OWN, and come with interchangeable foam covers in different sizes IN CASE YOU HAVE BIG EARS I GUESS.

or little ones…

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Product Price: $89.95

Monster is also running a great DJ contest for the headphones right now! If a family friend or family member DJ’s, be sure to let them know they can enter Monster’s I am a Monster DJ contest for the chance to be included on the packaging of the ‘Lil Jamz, plus win $600 in Monster DJ gear + more!

Sharing is caring!

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