It’s 60 degrees outside one day, I turn the heat down a little.

It snows 15 inches the next day and the kids turn the heat up to ….

78 degrees


So I’m sitting in a sweater, turtleneck, jeans and peeling layers off like I’m getting ready to go swimming…

Swimming in my own sweat maybe….where are the cold feet? I’m getting to that.

I got tired of playing games with the kids and the thermostat.  It’s turned down to 67, they have orders not to touch it, and it’s 15 degrees outside.  I’m waiting for ice to form around the tv and for the dogs to have frost breath.  Cute and Sassy is sitting here in a fleece coat and boots.  Not because she’s getting ready for snow play, but because I’m not touching the thermostat…again…ever.

So my feet are freezing and unless I have a HOT FLASH they are probably staying that way!

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