I’m boxing gifts up as we speak.  I don’t have much to mail, but it’s time go get it out before it becomes too late.  Oh and I avoid the Post Office like the hiney flu….

***are my biceps looking more defined to you from carrying all these packages??***

FedEx shipping is a fast and effective way to get your boxes mailed this holiday season.  In the past I’ve just run to Kinkos and shipped them there at their FedEx center.  But now FedEx has opened up FedEx Office Print & Ship Centers to offer customized calendars, cards, and stationery in addition to packing tips and assistance.   And I did not know this, but FedEx ground is 10% cheaper than UPS…I like cheaper.

And I like assistance.  I don’t always have the right packing materials or the right size box. They are making my life easier and for that they get a *high five* and big smooch.

For those awkward sizes, fragile items, or time-strapped packers, FedEx Office professionals can pack and ship your holiday packages for you or give you tips on how to minimize the size and weight of a package to reduce shipping costs at any of the locations nationwide. FedEx Office also offers customized holiday cards, stationery and personalized 2010 calendars in just minutes either online or in-store. With FedEx Office Print Online services, you can print holiday newsletters and cards to a nearby center of your choice or have them delivered to your friends and family hassle-free.

In conjunction with this tour, anyone who signs up for a free account on fedex.com and records their name and confirmation number here:


will be entered to win one of 5 Apple iPod Touches!

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of FedEx and received a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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