Having teenagers, two girls and a boy, I have lived through their struggles with self esteem.  Kids can be so cruel, and mine have been at the receiving end of some pretty nasty stuff.  I’m thankful for brands that take the time to help kids out.  We’ve seen everything from teasing about weight, noses, and even some horrible sexual harassment.   It’s a wonder my kids made it through the middle school and high school years.  Well actually, I still have one to go.

And that’s why I’m here talking about Dove products and their newest campaign.

The Dove mission is to reach 5 million girls with self esteem programming by 2010. Since 2005, the brand has reached over 3.5 million girls globally. In fact, every time you buy Dove beauty care products your purchase supports the Dove Self Esteem Fund. This fall Dove launched the “Thank you for Making a Difference” program to thank supporters for building girl’s self esteem and to invite everyone to share their stories about making a difference in self esteem.

Now you can support the Dove Self-Esteem Fund simply by entering your Dove UPC here (Dove Self Esteem Fund) and selecting a charity. For every UPC code entered, Dove will donate $1* to inspiring self-esteem programs at a charity partner of your choice. Select one: Girl Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs of America and Girls Inc.

Buying their products can make a difference in a girl’s life.  Why not check it out today!

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