Looking for gift ideas? If you can’t make the treats to send to loved ones or maybe aren’t up to the task this year then I’ve got some ideas for some great places to have a tasty treat delivered right to their door.

I mean who doesn’t love food?

The Popcorn Factory offers Big Snow design tins ($24.99-$39.99), Cheryl&Co. Buttercream Frosted Brownies ($28.95 – $65.95) and Fannie May a truffle assortment gift box ($17.99-$25.99).

I got a chance to sample all 3. (Yes I love my life too) We have always been a fan of the Popcorn Factory assortments. And we all 3 like something different, I’m buttered, Cute and Sassy is cheese and the Big Guy goes for the caramel. Good stuff.

The truffels were the next biggest hit, until the dog ate the last one…yes he got something off the table AGAIN – he’s got stretch paws or something…and we paid the price with an overly hyper dog…and worried all night about him, but that’s a different post all together.

The brownies?…well Cute and Sassy says they are good. I DID NOT GET ONE…but that’s ok. Make sure you refrigerate them or something if it’s warm outside…they come a little soft if it’s a nice sunny day and the ups man leaves them on your doorstep. But each one is individually wrapped, so they would be nice for stockings too!

Happy Holidays, and eat fun and eat happy!!

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