I like to dabble in some simple crafts and some more complicated crafts.  Sometimes when you need a little power, a little drill or a little sanding and the Dremel is all the power tool you need.  I was given the Dremel 4000 model to test out.  Even for something as simple as a soap on a rope, it was the perfect tool.

Yes we made a soap on a rope, don’t judge us.

I’ve used the cordless Dremel before, and tired of charging it over and over again.  This corded model has all the attachments and power I need to work with my crafting projects.    Of course if you need something on the go, then this corded version may not be for you.

This is the type of power tool that mom would love to receive and dad won’t get in trouble for giving…wait, that’s usually the other way around isn’t it?

OK dad, this is way cooler than a toaster…

1 Comment on Add the Dremel to Your Holiday Crafting List

  1. Brigitte Walsh
    November 19, 2009 at 4:29 am (9 years ago)

    I have an older (corded) Dremel model and have found so many uses for it – crafts, jewelry cleaning, fixing things, and on and on. Make sure to wear safety glasses (and if sanding or grinding, a dust filter mask) when using it, though. I learned the hard way to be very careful cleaning any debris off of my face and out of my hair after using it so nothing ends up in your eyes. It really is a great tool to have on hand!


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