I caught up with Jill in the Kodak Gallery webinar a few days ago.  We just hung out for a few and chatted about the redesigned Kodak Gallery, how they have 9cent photos, how to make fabulous personalized photo gifts, her hair and her TEAM JILL MUG.

I want the mug I want the mug I want the mug.

I love her on RHONY…

She’s never PHONY

She’s the real deal

She makes me squeeeeal

OK, so I didn’t get the mug, but I did get a $ credit to play around with on the site.

I also signed up for a free gift of $15 credit (which you can get too…NOW)

I’ve ordered my own mugs, hardly a Team Jill, but still cool…just sayin’

Then I told Jill her hair looked fabulous…and because she appreciated me *faints* telling her she tweeted me back…..

Yeah, that’s right, I’m pretty sure we’ll be having virtual coffee soon in our Kodak Gallery mugs, just sayin’

for participating in the webinar, I received credit at the Kodak Gallery site.  my thoughts and opinions are always my own, pinky swear…

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