I want to introduce you to an organization that I think is making a difference. ORBIS International, a non-profit, global development organization exists to eliminate avoidable blindness in developing countries. Now it’s time for us all to get involved as October 8th is World Sight Day.

Did you know that an estimated 45 million children and adults are blind worldwide, two-thirds being women and girls… and every year between 1 and 2 million more will lose their sight? What makes these facts even more upsetting is that 75 percent of cases could have been prevented, or their eyesight restored, if only people had access to proper eye care. Unless steps are taken now, it is estimated that by the year 2020 blindness will affect more than 76 million people! There is hope though. ORBIS, with support from Alcon, carries out programs onboard it’s Flying Eye Hospital and at hospitals in developing countries to help the blind see. While they are in these countries, ORBIS also trains local doctors and nurses in the latest sight-saving techniques so that they may gain the tools and knowledge needed to carry on the work that is done.

It made such a difference to me when my mom died, and donated her corneas. to receive a letter stating that now two people could see because of her organ donation. It is hard to think that lack of proper eye care whether through lack of resources or education can lead to that many cases of blindness. I will be making a donation and following this organization and will keep you posted on their accomplishments.

Visit: http://www.orbis-eyereports.org and be sure to check ORBIS out on Facebook!

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  1. georgie
    October 7, 2009 at 9:40 am (9 years ago)

    I am an organ donor myself, I will check out Orbis


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