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I haven’t had the chance to give grief to Cute and Sassy lately…but she’s been home this week with a bad back, so I feel better ragging on her since she’s been *less than lovely* lately.

See, she is the only one of the 3 who hasn’t been to Disney World since they were babies.  My mom took us on 2 trips, but C&S was at the most 2 years old.  She was still rockin’ the bippie.

In fact maybe she needs one now, just sayin’

First Trip to Disney World with just the two older kids

Yes, College Girl looks thrilled.  This was the first trip PRE-C&S. Minnie Mouse was a saint.


Second trip to Disney World with all three kids in tow…

That’s the kids, the ex (pls note fanny pack, I think he may still be sporting) and my Mom!

Yes, C&S is a baby and the big guy still has that “I don’t know how to smile for the camera yet” grin.

Cute and Sassy missed out on the band trips, cheerleading competitons, and chorus trips …every year  the other kids got the chance, she wasn’t there.

*sheds tear*

She blames me of course.

But hey, I didn’t go until my honeymoon, so does she really HAVE to go?  I mean isn’t it like driving?  …a priviledge, not a right?

OK, softie that I am, I’ve promised that will be the next vacation…maybe it’s a little selfish on my part too, but right now it’s Disney or Bust!  I think we could all use a little magic in our lives!!


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  1. @sarahinmi
    October 23, 2009 at 1:27 pm (9 years ago)

    Nice fanny pack. ;)


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