I loved my pair of Chic Buds with Swarovski crystals, and they are the girly girl’s answer to headphones.  But guys deserve to be trendy too.  I got to check out the Rock Buds, and they were a great graduation gift for the Big Guy, who, well, doesn’t think he’s that stylish.  I’m getting him to step it up a bit.

These buds feature a built-in retractable device that allows the cord length to expand and retract to 5 stopping points… shorter for use on an armband and longer to reach an iPod on a belt. (The clip prevents cords from bouncing around). This compact retractable device also prevents cords from tangling when not in use.

Not to mention the cool designs. And they incorporate great sound quality as well as ear comfort, thank you…

Cool enough for the Big Guy, and cool enough for your guy too.  Check out all the fashion at http://www.chicbuds.com.

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