We are on the road. And *their music* is playing on the radio/ipod. Which is fine because I have my computer and a USB modem, but *OH NO IT’S NOT CHARGED*.

Never fear. I got the coolest gadget called the mCube90 DC by Innergie to review, which is a mobile charger, very affordable ($49.99), perfect for charging all your electronic devices. It’s charging this laptop AS I TYPE AND THEY DRIVE…

Available as a standalone device, the mCube90DC consists of the detachable bottom portion of Innergie’s mCube90. Measuring only 2.76”x 1.42”x .71” and weighing a scant 1.87 ounces, the mCube90DC, like its compact sibling, can simultaneously charge up to 17-inch laptops and additional USB devices with a combined consumption of up to 70 watts up to a maximum of 90 watts continuous power (DC input). A separate DC input cable for charging on airplanes is included. The mCube90DC’s pint size is matched by an energy-efficient design that ensures a carbon footprint no larger than a fingerprint.

Basically it’s all the charger you need. Great for your phones, laptops, gaming devices, iPods. I really love how easy this was to transport, put together, and how many uses it has. For the family on the go, or for the person who loves her gadgets this is a must have. No problem storing in the console of the car or in your laptop bag.

Grab on at amazon before you travel this summer or before the drive to BlogHer or Type A Mom conference. You don’t want to loose tweetability on the road now do you? GAH!!

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