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Oh, you’ve dropped your cellphone?  Fell out of your pocket?  Slipped out of your fingers?   I figured you had.  Of course not me, no, AHEM, I certainly don’t have that problem.  But since my bloggy readers DO, I’ve got some ideas for you…


I got to test out the MOBIGRIP.  A small disk that you can attach to your phone, iPod, or any device you need to keep a grip on.  The disk attaches to the back of the device, and you place your finger in the elastic grip, and you’ve got a little protection against it slipping out of your hand.  I used this in NYC as I was whrrling away, and it was a great security as I was holding packages, bags, etc…  

Tons of colors.  Lots of options.  And priced as low at $7.95.

Looking for a cover to keep your cell phone or iPod protected in case you drop it…which you do, I don’t…

I love the Otterbox products.  I checked out (and am still using) the Defender series for my blackberry.  It’s a total suit of armor.  With a plastic snap on cover, clear plastic face cover, and third rubber layer, it is protected from some of the roughest, dirtiest falls.   


The impact series is perfect for my iPod,  a tough silicone covering that shields the impact of your fall.   I love the quality and toughness of their products, and it can give you a little piece of mind, knowing your expensive products have that level of protection.

I don’t allow talking on the cell phone in the car.  Just my rule and with 3 teens a necessary one.  But many people do, and if you are one of them, take precautions to be as safe as possible.   This is a unique product, and even if you aren’t driving, is a great product to keep your cell phone handy, and easy to grab in the car.  No more fumbling around …

The Universal Cell Wrap words with all standard phones, and allows you hands free talking without bluetooth. Check out the how to video here…

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  1. georgie
    July 27, 2009 at 12:45 am (9 years ago)

    my husband has that defender thingy for his blackberry and it is awesome!!!
    how was blogher???


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