This is one lego you won’t want to stop on.  Hopefully it’s big enough for you to not miss in the sea of legos in the carpet. And at 10X the size of a regular lego, you shouldn’t have trouble seeing this Lego Boombox! Great fun for kids rooms or play rooms!

Plays: CD, CDR, CDRW with AM/FM Radio
Connectivity: 3.5mm headphone jack, 3.5 mm aux in jack
CD Functions: Program play can be programmed up to 20 tracks, Random Play/Shuffle, Repeat All Tracks, Repeat One Track, Skip Forward, Skip Backward, Play, Pause, Stop
Radio Functions: AM/FM Radio Band, Analog Tuning, 1.1″ Digital LCD Tuning Display with Backlight, Telescopic Antenna
Sound Output: 2x 1W 2 Channel Speakers, 10mm W output earphone jack, Dynamic Bass Boost System
Power Source: AC Power Cord (included) or 6 C Batteries (not included)

$39.99 in blue

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