I am lucky enough to have commentary from Julia Powers
12 Time US Champion, 3 Time World Mambo Champion and Co-Creator of Core Rhythms on this week’s Dancing With the Stars

What do you think about how the show has progressed this season?
From the start of the season Melissa and Shawn appeared to be the strongest dancers with the best shot of winning the title. However, since then, we have seen Giles and Lil’ Kim emerge as strong candidates. This brings into question; who will be this season’s champion?
I think last night was won by Lil’ Kim and Derek with Giles and Cheryl coming in a strong second. Shawn was clean and technically sound but didn’t seem to have her best night. Her Samba just didn’t have enough pop to put her over the top. I couldn’t fault the aesthetics or the execution of the routine but she didn’t have all the extra layers that make a routine special. Both Lil Kim and Giles had drama, technique, execution and the added excitement that make a performance memorable!
I couldn’t help feeling sorry for Melissa and Tony. To have worked so hard all season and have an injury prevent you from doing your best when it might count the most must be very frustrating. Although I am sure the injury had everything to do with Melissa not dancing at her potential, it should serve as a warning to all couples to never just mark your routine. This is the second time this season that the rehearsal had to serve as the final performance. Great dancers dance every step and every rehearsal like they are dancing for the world championship. This is the formula for success in competitive ballroom dancing.

What can you tell people who are now dying to learn how to dance?
As with any dance routine, you have to learn in layers. First you learn where your feet go, then the timing, next is lead and follow, then styling and the last phase is performance or showmanship. It does take time though and is difficult to master in the very short time these stars have, so don’t get discouraged! This is what makes “Dancing With the Stars” so amazing, it gives hope to all the people who ever wanted to take up ballroom dancing. Remember, these stars are practicing countless hours with some of the best teachers in the industry.
Just like “Dancing With the Stars” Core Rhythms has had great success with getting our clients to see and feel progress in a very short time. We don’t use complicated dance patterns so we can focus on using the body instead. With our help menu, you feel like you have your own personal dance champions right at your finger tips.
The competition is getting tougher because they are down to the best dancers. This season seems to have some of the best talent on the show to date. The next couple of weeks should be very interesting and will keep us on the edge of our seat.
Julia Powers
12 Time US Champion, 3 Time World Mambo Champion and Co-Creator of Core Rhythms

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