I’ll start by saying I’m not a sock person.  So my feet dry out pretty easily.

I’m also not a pedicure person.  Don’t like them…foot rub yes, foot masacre no.


When I was contacted by the people at TriDerma and asked what products I might like to try on their site, I jumped at the chance to try the Psoriasis Control, Ezcema Fast Healing, and Extreme Dryness Plus.  I haven’t had much opportunity to use the first two yet this season, but the Extreme Dryness Plus is my new best friend.  It is great on my overly abused feet and my hands and elbows too.   What makes this natural healing creme great?

Extreme Dryness PLUS™ delivers intense moisture to dry, chapped, cracked skin. It’s more than a moisturizer. This unique, non-greasy formula contains medical strength ingredients to lock in vital moisture and reinforce skin’s natural protective barrier. It helps soothe redness, itching and burning. Daily use helps keep skin protected from climate changes.

Powerful, yet safe for sensitive skin. Contains NO fragrance or parabens.

Genuine aloe vera, magnesium, lupeol and salicylic acid aid in the healing and help reduce the pain, redness and swelling of damaged skin.  Visit the site to see what skin conditions can be treated.  Available online and at CVS!

***i’m not a doctor, i only play one on my blog and the opinions expressed are those of my feet and hands***

1 Comment on TriDerma and a foot rub…that’s what I need

  1. Analisa Roche
    April 19, 2009 at 9:43 pm (10 years ago)

    Thanks for this review. My daughter has severe eczema and we are always looking for that magical formula which will help her stop tearing her skin up.


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