Come closer to the computer, kids…no a little closer…closer… *BANGS KIDS ON HEAD*

This Mother’s Day I’m  making it easy for you…I’m putting it on my blog, and you ALL know where that is….

I’m sending you to a great site…it’s almost like a video game…work with me here.

1-800-FLOWERS.COM.  Go  on, click…and check out “Spot a Mom”.  Now here’s the fun part.  I want you to pick out the type of Mom you think I am. {{{skeeered}}}

See all the pretty choices for flowers?  You get a little help matching the flower to the momtype!  Easy Peasy!

Take out your overpriced cell phones that I’m paying for…run to my handbag and get out my credit card and call  1-800-FLOWERS.COM today, so it’s here on Mother’s Day…

No take the other card.  The one with CREDIT LEFT ON IT…

and do the right thing, and by do the right thing I mean buy your MOTHER some flowers and by buy your MOTHER some flowers I mean CANDY too.

Oh, aren’t they nice little kiddos?

You might want to check out..{{not you kids, get dialing}} the blog, facebook page (for 15% off) and {{DIAL!!}}  twitter

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