I don’t need to label my kid’s clothes anymore because they might lose them on the playground, or get them mixed up at school, or leave them at a friend’s house or…
Wait a minute…

Have you ever tried to distinguish 5 white riding shirts with 5 white riding collars and 5 white saddle pads made by the same company? How many navy jackets in the same size, and at a horse show you are dressing quickly, changing jackets, all in one small area, moving grabbing, stuffing, tossing.

Sometimes a little organization is hard. Oliver’s Labels solved the problem for us! Sure most of the designs are for little kids, but they have tons of designs to choose from. The beauty of them?

Oliver’s Labels stand out in the label business. They offer full-color graphics and guarantee that the images will not rub off. The labels offer what is called a Found-It codes on them in addition to your child’s first name. This is an online lost-and-found service just for Oliver’s Labels and is free of charge.  The bottom of the labels directs people who may have found your item to visit a special page on the site. There they find a 9 digit code that is specific to you and you get an e-mail right away. Oliver’s Labels works in the middle so there is no need to give out personal information.

We got the flowers…these are for shoes!   how cute…

Oliver’s Labels come in a variety of sizes and choice of Iron on or New Stickeez. You can purchase al la carte or in package deals. The have so many cute designs to choose from also. Check them out!!

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