Since I’ve been working out with the Core Rhythms, I’ve learned to *squeezes abs* do some pretty intense dance moves….see it’s all about the rotation of the core…and the movement of the hips.

I have hips and that gives me an extreme advantage…

I’ve lost close to an inch in my waist…*high fives* doing the workout about 4 times per week.  But then I have a LOT of waist to lose…

Over at Blissful Buzz, the creators of Core Rhythms had been giving me commentary on the DWTS stars each week, but I’ve invited them over here this week so I could give you an update on the program too!  Jaana, one of the Creators of the Core Rhythms and Ballroom Champion has shared her thoughts!  She also talks about Dancing as a way to get into shape…

Who has improved the most in their ability since Week 1?
Ty has improved the most since week 1. When he first performed the Cha Cha with Chelsie he looked so awkward that I thought he could definitely be the first one kicked out of the competition. But look at Ty now! His Paso Doble had rhythm and a few of his Paso lines were impressive. His spine was stretched to the maximum, hip flexor muscles were stretched forward and even the head tilt was there.

Do you have any predictions for the winner yet?
Gilles impresses me every time I see him perform. He has 3 qualities that make him superior to other competitors.
1. His movement starts with the core
2. Power and strength to hit clean lines
3. Able to engage the emotion to the character of the dance and his partner

What makes the Paso Doble a great workout?
Paso Doble is a fantastic exercise to strengthen your abs, upper body and lower body.

Abs: The Paso Doble dancer compresses the abs and widens the lats to create large posture of him/her on the dance floor. The wider the back for the man the better. This action develops extra strong transverse abdominal muscles (the deepest layer of abdominal muscles). That is why dancers have fabulous core strength.

Upper Body: The dancer has to hold his dance frame non-stop. His shoulder muscles, bicep muscles and lat muscles are performing continuous static muscle contraction throughout the performance.

Lower body: One of the characteristics of Paso is to walk and pose powerfully in all directions (forward, backwards, upwards and downwards) by using leg muscles. When performing a forward walk, the dancer strongly pushes off the supporting foot and activates the glutes. Paso lines are done by lunging, squatting or elevating the body weight up to the balls of the feet. If you want sculpted legs and a lifted booty, perform the Paso Doble. Even if you do it for 20 minutes a day, you will see what I am talking about.

Who did the best Paso Doble? Why?
Gilles performed the best Paso. He was Zorro for the night! His Paso lines are strong (muscle-to-muscle opposition technique). He leads the woman with the core and not with the arms. He is on full time.

Who did the best Viennese Waltz? Why?
Lil’ Kim took my breath away with her Viennese Waltz. Derek did a great job keeping the choreography simple so that Lil’ Kim was able to look smooth, mature and, most of all, beautiful. Lil’ Kim and Derek were the most connected as a couple of the night.

Any other observations/comments/predictions?
I have to mention Steve-O. Even though he is the least technical and the least natural dancer amongst all the competitors, I want to give him big hand for sticking with the competition, practicing hard and showing his charm in every episode. He is a truly a sweet guy on the dance floor. I hope he can still stay on the show few more weeks.

Thanks Jaana!  I can see why those stars and pros are spent after their performance.  It’s one tough workout!

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