College girl has had my SLR camera all semester.  She was taking a photography class, and, well, that’s not something you run out and buy when you have one at home…so she borrowed mine!

I haz missed it…a lot.

She has learned all kinds of tricks.  That she won’t share.  I think she’s mad that I won’t let her keep it.

UM, it’s mine.

But taking pictures isn’t all point and shoot.  I mean to get the really great shots.  You can take a college level class, or you can look online…and since I spend 14 hours a day online that makes sense to me.

Remember Carson from Queer Eye?  I know he was my favorite too!  Take a look at his site, devoted to Looking Good in Pictures.

Videos of all types…celebrity tips, camera recommendations, wedding, baby, family portraits….

This is one of my favorites…

I think I’ll have star quality…

And I have to say I’m drooling over the Nikon cameras now… maybe if SHE’s lucky she can get my hand me down and I’ll get the Nikon D90…

Two girls can dream can’t they?

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